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We are able to maintain the unmatched position in the market by meeting customer demand with quality Wax free Ghee Wicks, Wax free Ghee Candle Wicks and Wax free Decorative Ghee Wicks and Cotton Candle Wicks. The range is thoroughly checked for quality by conducting rigorous test on it. We conduct Customer feedback test to understand customer needs and modifications required in our Products, which are immediately implemented by Technology Knowledge base and advantage. Drip irrigation Flushing system is a unique success.

The parameter on which our range is inspected includes:

  • Quality of material
  • Purity of each component
  • Good quality Cotton wicks
  • Packaging
  • Burning capacity

Such Quality approach in process and  its stringent adoption has helped us in attaining maximum satisfaction of the customers.

We are manufacturing, exporting, trading and supplying a wide range of superior quality products. We have developed it with the use of premium grade materials, which we procure from reliable vendors. Our product complies with national and international standards of quality. It is acknowledged for its salient features such as uniform braiding, high durability, long burning capacity and strength and very good Cleaning system. Our range is listed below:

  • Wax Free Ghee Wicks (Fulvat)
  • Wax free Cow Ghee Wicks (Fulvat)
  • Decorative Wax free Ghee Wicks (Fulvat)
  • Wax free Ghee Candles
  • Wax free Butter Paper / Parchment Paper
  • Wax free Til Ghee Wicks (Fulvat)
  • Wax Free Ghee Votive
  • Wax free Ghee Scented Votive Wicks
  • DS – 99  Drip irrigation Flushing System
  • DS -88   Hard Surface Industrial Cleaner

Modern Technology

We have high end Technology approach to make Wax free Ghee wicks. These are created to offer our customers Ghee wicks and Fulvat made from Pure ghee free from any Petroleum Products. These Wicks / Fulvat are comparatively cleaner than any of similar products available in market. Reason these are made from Natural resources made available from Vanaspati , Cow Ghee and Til Ghee. Traditionally these are offered by devotees with specific reference and therefore should be made from Vanaspati , Cow Ghee and Til Ghee. Drip irrigation Flushing systems too are a unique success, which helps maintenance of Gardens, Stadiums, Agriculture farms Drip systems to be kept free from Inorganic and Green deposits inside thin tubing and sprinklers.